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Gulf States: Heavy Rain & Storms This Week

30 Jan 2023, 6:40 pm

GULF STATES – Another round of rainfall will be moving back into our Gulf Coast states Wednesday through Friday this week. For some areas of Texas, we are watching for a re-freeze of this late-week rain on Thursday morning as temperatures fall, but for most of us in the Gulf, a cold rain should be expected. Temperatures should be cool enough that the severe weather potential becomes limited late week.


A flood watch has been issued for the I-20 corridor of northern Louisiana as saturated grounds will lead to the increased concern of flash flooding Tuesday morning through Thursday! The excessive rainfall outlook on Wednesday is a level 2 out of 4 threat through east Texas and western Louisiana. We are concerned given this weekend’s rainfall about additional flood threats here.

Gulf moisture pumps into the state of Texas on Wednesday, bringing in heavy rainfall on top of any icing. We may see pockets of icing through central Texas Wednesday morning as surface temperatures are just cold enough to cause freezing of the rain at ground level. This is highly dependent on where the heaviest storms set up and track, so keep in mind local road and stream conditions could change as you travel. While we see showers throughout the day on Wednesday through central Texas and the western Gulf, the bulk of the heavy rainfall activity arrives late Wednesday night and continues into Thursday.


The Weather Prediction Center has once again highlighted the risk of excessive rainfall on Thursday, widespread throughout the Southern U.S. Once again, given the saturated grounds, we will be concerned about flash flooding, in urban and agricultural areas alike.

The heaviest rain for the central Gulf begins overnight Wednesday into Thursday continuing throughout the day. As the area of low pressure draws in warmer gulf moisture, heavy rain pours in over the rest of our Gulf coast states into Thursday and moves into the Atlantic by Friday.

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